Sage Step Consulting delivers results in mission-driven organizations in the Wenatchee Valley and beyond. Here are some ways we can work together to grow your organizational impact and resilience.

Project Management

Organize and deliver work in an effective and inclusive manner

Program Design

​​Plan and launch programs that drive impact

Strategic Planning

Envision the future and how to get there together

Community Engagement

Understand current and prospective partners and how to incorporate their values and perspectives

Board Development

Cultivate an engaged and participatory board culture

Impact Assessment

Evaluate how your programs and organizational practices are driving your organization’s goals

Annual Reports

Demonstrate your success to donors, stakeholders, and the public


Articulate your values, mission, and impact across websites and other collateral

Our Partners

Sage Step did lead not all these projects alone! We work diligently alongside our clients and other amazing organizations to deliver quality results. Some of our partners include: 

Meet Summer Hess

As the owner of Sage Step Consulting, my goal is to make your organization and our community stronger through how we work together. I’m a process-oriented and people-centered leader who invests in long-term, community-led change.

My formal education is in writing and communications, and my professional experience includes positions in higher education, small business management, philanthropy, and nonprofit management. I’ve found my niche in the workforce through providing high-quality, project-based support to mission-driven organizations.

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